CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) + Anonymous - Use Case - Allowing Anonymous Submissions in Your Trails and Hiking Site

Allowing Anonymous Submissions in Your Trails and Hiking  Site

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Video Use-Case


CM Map Routes allows you and your users to create and showcase routes in Google Maps, including images and notes for each location.

The Anonymous Posting add-on helps you to create a community by opening your site to anonymous submissions, that is, from non-registered users. It comes with measures to help combating spammy users.

This article links others that mention the  Custom Fields add-on, which deepens the content by supporting fields such as "Danger level", "Highlights" and such - you can create as many as necessary.


A great deal of the footage in this tutorial comes the demo Knowledge Trail.

Access it to see live what you can achieve with the plugin.

Use Case Front-End

Route Page

Anonymous Submission With reCAPTCHA

Setting Up Route Directory From Scratch

Read the complete step-by-step: CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) + Custom Fields - Use Case - Building a Trails and Hiking Routes Site.

Use Case Assumptions

In this example use case guide, we'll cover how to add anonymous support to your routes site. We consider you have the route directory set up, but not the anonymous functionality.

It follows:

Installing The Add-on

The process is the same for all CM plugins and add-ons.

  • Download the plugin from your customer dashboard
  • Log in to WordPress and navigate to the WordPress Admin  → Plugins settings
  • Click on Add New
  • Activate it and add the license

Route Directory Setup

Need Help With Basic Setup?

This article focus on the anonymous aspect of the route directory, so we'll skip the initial setup.

 If you still haven't set up the directory, we recommend that you check the document CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) + Custom Fields - Use Case - Building a Trails and Hiking Routes Site.

It covers API setup (Google Maps API, OpenWeather), adding and drawing routes, visual options, editing the index page, and more.

User Interaction - Allowing Anonymous Users to Submit Routes

The add-on allows also non-logged-in users to add maps. 

Head to the  Settings → Access Control tab to review the permissions. 

TIP: Essential Setting 

The major addition of this add-on is the option Create map - Everyone including guests. Don't forget to set it!

Anonymous Users Cannot Edit Maps

Since guests create maps as an anonymous user, the map is not attached to any user.

As such, Update own map does not have a "Everyone including guests" option.

Learn more: CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Settings - Access Control

What do Anonymous Users See When Uploading Routes?

Anonymous users use the same frontend form when uploading a form. 


Some differences:

  • They cannot choose category.
  • They have some different fields to fill.
  • They might have to accept additional Terms of Services every time they post.
  • They might have to solve a reCAPTCHA to complete the submission

These differences depend on the Anonymous users tab settings.

  • Category - Choose which category anonymous routes will be assigned to. The users cannot change it.
  • Moderation - If the route has to be approved by the admin before being published. Learn more below.
  • Disable upload features - If this setting is enabled, anonymous users won't be able to upload images and videos.
  • reCAPTCHA - They will have to solve the challenge before posting. It's recommended to turn this on. Learn more below.

Reminder: Modifying the Form

You can edit what appears on the form and which fields are obligatory from the Route Form tab.

Learn more: CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Settings - Route Form (Hiding Fields, Setting as Obligatory)

Enabling reCAPTCHA (Recommended)

TIP: How To Get reCAPTCHA Keys

Learn how to implement reCAPTCHA in your website: reCAPTCHA guide

The Anonymous Add-on supports reCAPTCHA. This feature provides some quick tests to protect the website from bots and spammers.

This is also managed from the  Anonymous users tab.

To use this protection, a key is needed. You can obtain one or manage the ones you already have by heading to the  Google reCAPTCHA page.

Learn more: Routes Anonymous Posting - Settings - reCAPTCHA

What Happens When User Posts? Moderation, Notifications and Terms of Service

You define what happens once a user has posted.

Distinction: Anonymous Submissions vs. Normal Submissions

It's important to note that there are two levels of moderation: general (all users) and anonymous (guests). As such, you configure them separately. We'll cover this in details in a moment


You can automatically approve the routes submitted by users.

Moderation is configurable from two tabs.

Breakdown of Which Users Need Admin Approval

  • General moderation (1) is on, anonymous moderation (2) is on: all users.
  • General moderation (1) is on, anonymous moderation (2) is off: all users.
  • General moderation (1) is off, anonymous moderation (2) is on: only guest users.
  • General moderation (1) is off, anonymous moderation (2) is off: no one.

Learn more: Routes Anonymous Posting - Moderating Anonymous Routes

TIP: Route Missing Approval

If a route is has not been approved yet, it will be listed as Pending. 

Terms of Service

Two Independent Terms of Services

Terms of Service also have two layers.

  • All users (pop-up) - Appears only once. 
  • Only guests (checkbox) - Appears every time the anonymous user tries posting the route. 

1) TOS For All Users (Including Guests)

From the GDPR Settings tabs, you configure a TOS that will appear as a pop-up to all users, including anonymous ones.

General TOS Example

Learn more: CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Terms of Service

2) TOS For Guests Only

The second layer will only be shown only to guests. It's managed from the Anonymous users tab →  Terms of Service section.

Anonymous TOC Example

Learn more: Routes Anonymous Posting - Settings - Terms of Service

Notifications (Admin Only)

If moderation is enabled, the admin will receive notifications about ongoing submissions. Anonymous users will never be notified, as they are not identified.

There is no change in setting compared to the normal plugin - it's done from the Moderation tab.

Both messages accept placeholders, such as [accepturl] [trashurl] [blogname] [siteurl] [ip] [name] [description] [author] [permalink].

Learn more: CM Maps Route Manager (CMMRM) - Settings - Moderation

Translating the Plugin Interface

The Anonymous Posting Add-on has two specific labels, both related to the anonymous Terms of Service. 

They can be changed at the path CM Maps Router Manager Pro → Settings → Labels tab.

The two labels are:

  • cmmrm_anonymous_tos_title: Terms of Service title on route posting.
  • cmmrm_anonymous_tos_accept_text: Text near checkbox to accept Terms.

In the front-end, they can be found at the end of the add route page.

Front-End Location

End Result

Following the instructions, your route site should be able to accept routes from anonymous users as well.

Use Case Front-End

Route Page

Anonymous Submission With reCAPTCHA

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