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Telegram Bot Rules

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What This Rule Does

Stores every message from a group on WordPress and allows you to display them into a live, searchable feed. You can configure a series of filters, explained below.

Front-End example

  • Filter From / To - Limit the content between set days
  • Filter - Filter messages which have specific character sequences inside them 


If a Telegram user doesn't have any username set, the first column will be empty, as shown:

Setting Up a Rule

  • Telegram group ID - Must follow the format "-xxxxxxxx" (the character "-" followed by nine numerals).

    You can acquire the ID by sending the text /getGroupId in the group chat or by checking the plugin log.
  • Repeater name - Name tagged for your own connivence to track the rules you set. 
  • Store to WordPress category - Choose from a WordPress category where the messages will be saved. This is especially useful to store content from different groups, as you can set a category for each one or store several groups into one category.

    Learn how to manage categories.
  • Stop word(s) - The rule will only run if it DOES NOT include ANY of these words

Showing Content on WordPress

Use the shortcode  [cmtel]  along with a parameter anywhere on your site.

It contain two parameters. It's necessary to use at least one of them, otherwise no message will be shown.

  • group_id - Can be input with or without the initial "-"
  • category - Enter the category slug

The examples below highlight the parameters:

Managing Categories

To create, edit or change Telegram Bot categories, head to WP Admin → CM Telegram Bot → Categories.

The interface is identical to any found in WordPress' taxonomies.

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