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Email Repeater

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What This Rule Does

Sends an email for every group or public channel message. You can configure a series of filters, explained below.

Note: the ability to send emails for channel messages was introduced in version 1.0.6 of the WordPress Telegram Bot plugin.

Email Message Example

Email message example - Telegram Group Bot Manager
Email message example

Setting Up a Rule

Setting up an email repeater rule - Telegram Bot Plugin for WordPress
Setting up an email repeater rule
  • Telegram group/channel ID - The group ID must follow the format "-xxxxxxxx" (the character "-" followed by nine numerals). You can acquire the ID by sending the text /getGroupId in the group chat or by checking the plugin log. The channel ID can be found in the Channel Info - it's a part of the link that goes right after "t.me/". In the example below it's "creativemindstest".

    Example of the channel ID - WordPress Telegram Plugin
    Example of the channel ID
  • Status - Set rule as active or paused
  • Send to email address - Only supports one email per rule.
  • Email sender name - Specify the name of the sender.
  • Status - Set rule as active or paused.
  • Email subject template - Supports placeholders (Learn more).
  • Repeater name - The contact name shown as the message sender.
  • Stop words - The rule will only run if it DOES NOT include ANY of these words.
  • Email message template - Supports placeholders (Learn more).

Email Example with Explanation

This image shows how settings and placeholders affect the message

Email example with explanation - Telegram WordPress Widget
Email example with explanation

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