Telegram Bot - Log (Checking Performed Rules)

Log (Checking Performed Rules)

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What is This Feature

You can check all performed actions in the log. It helps you monitor the bot responses and operation and, in case of errors, lets you understand what is the rule that did not work as expected.

Capturing Group ID

The log is also useful for detecting the group ID. Once adding the Bot to a group as an admin, it will start sending the content of that group to the plugin. In such case you can find out what is the group number without using the command line within the group stream.

The log shows, for each each action:

  • Group ID - This field can be useful to retrieve this number
  • User Name 
  • Message - All group messages are logged, even if they don't trigger any rule
  • Actions - Identifies the rules and
  • Status
  • Date 


TIP 1: Identifying Rule

The column "Actions" shows which rule was triggered. The example below shows Sending SMS.

If the message was empty or had an unsupported format (for instance, audio), the description will be "empty message", also shown below.

TIP 2: Rules With Multiple Groups/Mobile Numbers

When a rule affects multiple groups or SMS or mobile numbers, the log will display the status of each side by side:

Accessing the Log

Head to WP Admin →CM Telegram Bot → Log.

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