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SMS Alert

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What This Rule Does

The WordPress Telegram Bot plugin allows to send an SMS to one or more mobile phone numbers when a message with specific words are sent in any group the bot is in. You can configure a series of filters, explained below.

Note: This feature demands connecting the plugin with Amazon SNS. Learn more how to do this in this guide: General Support - Enabling SMS Messages (Amazon SNS API)

SMS Example

Example of the SMS message - Telegram Plugin for WordPress
Example of the SMS message

Setting Up a Rule

Setting up an SMS alert rule - Telegram Group Bot Manager
Setting up an SMS alert rule
  • Send to phone number(s) - List all phone numbers that will receive the message. Include country code, but without the + symbol
    • Good example: 123456789
    • Bad example: +123456789
  • Detect phrase(s) - The rule will only run if the message DOES include AT LEAST ONE of these words
  • SMS message content - Message to be sent
  • Sender name - Can only contain 11 characters or less. If it has more, the message will not be sent (due a restriction by Amazon). The sender name will appear in the SMS text message send to the phone number.
  • Status - Set rule as active or paused
  • Must not include - The rule will only run if the message DOES NOT include ANY of these words
  • Must include - The rule will only run if the message DOES include ALL of these words
  • Snooze for - Set a number in hours. After the rule is activated, it will "snooze" for x hours before being ready to activate again. Useful to avoid spamming
  • Execute every - Execute the rule after every x times the trigger is activated. For example if detection is set to 3 the rule will be set on the following 1,4,7
    • Reset Count - Click the button to set the count to 0

Keyword Conditions Summary

Within this rule, you can set three conditions involving keywords. They all work in tandem.

For example, if you have these:

  • Detect phrase(s) - "Hi", "Hey", "Hello"
  • Must not include - "admin", "administration"
  • Must include - "help", "urgent"

The following will happen with each message:

  • "Hi, I need urgent help!" - Will trigger the rule
  • "Hello guys this is urgent!" - Will trigger the rule
  • "Hey, this is the admin. Does anyone need help?" - Will not trigger the rule, because it has "admin"
  • "Hey!" - Will not trigger the rule, because it doesn't have "help" or "urgent"
  • "Admin help!" - Will not trigger the rule, because it includes "admin". Additionally, it doesn't have "Hi", "Hey" and "Hello"

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