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How to Translate a Magento 2 Extension (Translate Inline Tool Method)

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It's possible to translate both Front-End and Back-End labels of a Magento 2 Extension/Module. In this guide we cover the Translate Inline File method.



Disable Block, Page and Translation Caches

It's recommended that Magento block cache, page cache, and translations cache are disabled before using the Translation Inline Tool. To do so from the Back-End, head to Admin Panel → System → Cache Management.

Here select the three relevant cache types and disable them.


Enable Translate Inline

Now, head to  Admin Panel → Stores → Settings → Configuration → Advanced → Developer → Translate Inline.

Choose if you'd like to translate the Storefront (Front-End) and/or Admin (Back-End).


Select Desired Element

The tool will surround each text element with a red outline and will add a button with a book icon near it.

Click on the icon.


Translate Element

A pop-up will trigger with information about that particular text element. Add a custom label, as shown, and choose if it's Store View Specific.

Now, repeat steps 3 and 4 for each element.


Disable Translate Inline

Once you have translated the desired elements, disable the Translate Inline feature, so that the interface goes back to normal.


Re-enable Magento Caches

Re-enable the Magento caches disabled on the first step.

This concludes the process.

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