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How To Add A Customer Products Restriction

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To create a new restriction, click on the Add New Restriction button above the list of restrictions available following CATALOG → Catalog → Catalog Permissions.

Select Restriction Type

After clicking on the button, you will be redirected to a separate page where you need to select a restriction type in the dropdown. Each type has its own settings that should be configured individually.
After choosing the type, click the button Continue.

Let's select the type Customer Products restriction and fill in the required fields. Once you choose the type, a more detailed description will appear below the type. You can customize the message in the General Settings.

All types of restrictions have three sections:

General - includes a status, redirect path and notification message.

User Selection - allows choosing customers or customer groups to limit access to.

Products Selection - allows choosing categories (products or pages) to be hidden for the selected customers or groups. 

Customer Products Restriction

This type provides the following settings:


Is Active - to make the restriction visible for the customer, enable the setting. If you need to disable the restriction, set it as Inactive.

Redirect Path - enter a path the user will be redirected to once the restricted products are selected. If you don't enter the path, the customer will be redirected to Homepage.

Notification message - allows entering a notification message visible for the user after redirection.

User Selection

By using this type you can select a customer in the list as well as apply filters to find the user.

ID - shows the user's ID.

First Name - displays the user's first name.

Last Name - displays the user's last name.

Email - shows the user's email.

Products Selection

List of Products - choose the products that won't be visible for the selected customer. You can add multiple products in bulk.

Click the Save button to save the changes. 


This is how the customer products restriction works on the Frontend.

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