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Making Purchases using Credit Line

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Credit Line appears at the PAYMENT stage on checkout or on the shopping cart page. So if the available Credit Line credit is above the Total at checkout, then Credit Line can be successfully used to pay for the products. 

The customer can also enter a specific value into the empty field below Use Credit Line and click on the button. The sum will be subtracted from the balance. Or the customer can cancel using the credit line by clicking on the Cancel button.

Once the credit is applied, the notification message will appear " Store credit was successfully applied".

The customers cam aslo view all the orders or transactions on the Dashboard in Your Previous Credit Orders.

Viewing Credit Line Orders (Admin Side)

The admin can view the orders placed by using Credit Line in the Backend. To do this, go to Credit Line → Transactions.

Here you can track the total balance, all the transactions or add new ones. 

Above the list of transactions, you can see the statistics of Total Balance and Total Used Balance.

You can also use filters to search for necessary records or export all the data via the CSV or XML file. Select a file format in the Export to dropdown and click Export.

Here each transaction is displayed with details: filterable Transaction #, Customer Name, Customer Email, Date, Balance Change, Balance, Action, Additonal Message, and Is Notified. To view customers' orders in more detail, click on order ID in Additional Message.

To add a new transaction, click the button Add New Transaction. In the appeared page enter the following data:

Credit Balance Change - add a positive or negative value. This sum will be added or subtracted from the customer's balance. The field is required.

Additional Message - enter a custom message. The field is required.

Currency - select a currency in the dropdown. 

Then select a registered customer to apply the transaction to and Save the transaction.

At this point the Order View is exactly the same as for any other Magento Order aside from one thing. In the Order Totals there is a separate section Used Credit Line showing how much the customer spent by using a credit line.

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