Campaign Manager M2 - Creating a Campaign From Scratch

Creating a Campaign

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In order to create a campaign from scratch, follow the path MarketingCmindsFacebook Campaigns.

In the Facebook Campaigns management screen, you will find the Add New Campaign button.

Campaign Settings

First, select the promotion type from these three: Product, Catalog Rule, and Cart rule.

And then follow by clicking Next.

You will have to go through this step if the connection with Facebook is not configured or if it has timed out. 

At this point, the browser should produce a pop-up that will test the connection with Facebook. In it, you will log in to your Facebook account and grant permission for the app to post to your Facebook pages. 

This is a necessary step, and you must log in to an account which has permission to post content on your store's Facebook Page.

Important: If the pop-up doesn't appear or if there's no notification, it's likely that the browser blocked it. In that case, please check the browser's configuration. Quick reference for some popular browsers: ChromeFirefoxInternet Explorer 11.

Setting the Campaign - New Campaign

In this screen, you can set how the actual campaign will work.

  • Promoted - The item that will be promoted. You have different choices based on what you will promote (Product SKU, Cart Rule or Catalog Rule)
  • Facebook Post Options
    • Post picture - This option is available for Catalog and Cart Rules. In the case of products, the image from the catalog will be used.
    • Content - The message that will be posted on the Facebook Page. It will accompany the URL to the store with a secret key to track conversion.
  • Options - Set the Start Date and the End Date of the Campaign. Setting an invalid date may cause issues, like impeding the data to be refreshed.

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