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Glossary Related Articles Settings

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This feature is only available in the Pro+ and Ecommerce editions.

In it, you can control the definitions and behavior of the Related articles that appear on each of your term pages.

Define these settings by heading to  Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip → Settings →  Glossary Term.  

On this tab, scroll down to the Glossary Term - Related Articles & Terms section, as shown in the plugin screenshot below:

Disabling the Related Articles - Globally

The Related Articles functionality consists of several possibilities. To disable it completely you need to do all of these:

  • Change the Index rebuild interval to Never.
  • Uncheck the Show related articles.
  • Uncheck the Show custom related articles.
  • Uncheck everything in the Post types to index (hold CTRL to uncheck).

Below: All of the settings required to disable the feature completely have been marked.

Disabling the Related Articles - On a Single Term

It is possible to disable the feature on specific terms. To do this, open the term page in the WordPress editor.

Check Disable related articles for this term in the CM Tooltip - Term Properties metabox.

Excluding a Specific Post/Page From Related Articles

Starting from version 3.8.4, it's possible to exclude a specific post or page from the related articles. That way, it will not appear in any related articles listing.

To do this, edit the post/page, go to the CM Tooltip - Disables metabox and check the option Don't include this post/page in Related Articles.

Limit the Number of Related Articles

You can choose the number of custom related articles that will be shown on Term page. To do this go to Admin Dashboard → Settings → Glossary Term tab → Glossary Term → Related Articles & Terms. By default, the number of related articles is five. These articles can be paginated and limited.

In the same section you can also limit the number of custom related articles shown.

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