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Troubleshooting Related Articles

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If for any reason your glossary related-articles links aren’t working, here is some debug info for you to check:

  • A page is considered a Related Article of a term when it contains the term. So, first, ensure that is the case
  • Please try manually rebuilding the related articles index from the settings panel, making sure that related articles are set to appear and that all other preferences are intact. 
  • Head to Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Glossary Term tab. Under the Related Articles section, enable the Show related articles option:

  • Change the PHP time limit in the plugin file called related.php. Before editing plugin files, remember to create a backup. The changes you make are also lost when you update the plugin.
    Open related.php. Search the file for  set_time_limit. This is because the code that you need to change may be on a different line, depending on which version of the plugin you are using.
    Set the new time limit to 2000: set_time_limit(2000);. Save the file.
    Check if this helps to index the files.
  • Open an article that has a glossary term, and save it without making any changes. This should trigger the index to be rebuilt for this article. Then check again to see if the Glossary terms that appear in the article have the related articles section at their bottom.
  • If the glossary related-articles section is still missing from your term pages, please send us the “error.log” of the server (if you are running Apache it should be located in /var/log/).
  • One more option for solving errors connected with Related Articles is Add additional DB checks for related articles. The option can be found and enabled by the path Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → Glossary Term tab.
  • Lastly, if none of the above works – Please check to see if your database already contains a “wp_glossary_related” table and let us know so that we can instruct you how to deal with it.

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