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Glossary Related Article Process

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A background process (cron) is indexing all your pages and posts and building them into a table that contains all your related posts, pages and Glossary Terms.

You can define:

  1. The interval for the buildup of the related article index (please take into account your site performance when you have a large glossary).
  2. Which posts will be included in the index allowing your to exclude specific custom posts type and by this reducing the load 
  3. The Chunk size  -Since rebuilding the Glossary Index requires a lot of resources, both memory and time, it has to be done in chunks. The optimal size of the chunk depends on your server. If the page goes blank after clicking the button, try to make this value much smaller and try to rebuild it again.

Each time a term post is displayed, the related articles information is retrieved from the last time the table was created. It is also possible to (4) refresh this table and control this process manually from the plugin setting control panel.

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