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General Settings

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On the WordPress dashboard navigate to CM Video Lesson Manager Settings General.


  • Permalink prefix - Defines the URL permalink all videos will be listed under.

  • Lesson permalink prefix - Defines the URL permalink format for lessons.
  • Bookmarks page - Select from the drop down menu to create a new page or display the bookmarks on a certain page. The plugin will create a page if you choose the "-- create new page --" option inserting the needed shortcode inside this page.
  • Statistics page - Select from the drop down menu to display the statistics on a certain page or to create a new page for this. The plugin will create a page if you choose the "-- create new page --" option and also insert the needed shortcode inside this page.
  • Resume when watching video - This setting applies to all videos.

Vimeo / Wistia API

To obtain API keys for Vimeo or Wistia see our article for this.

Vimeo API Account 1 / 2

Once the Vimeo API keys have been obtained (for more info on gaining API keys see the documentation page) please add them in the following locations:

  • App Client Identifier - Use the Vimeo App to obtain the client identifier, and enter it in the provided box.
  • App Client Secret - Use the Vimeo App to obtain the client secret and enter it in the provided box.
  • Access token - Enter the access token in the box provided.
  • Cache lifetime for Vimeo API - Set the number of seconds to cache results of the Vimeo API in the box.
  • Cache lifetime for Vimeo API privacy checks - Enter the number of seconds to cache the results of the Vimeo API requests which are checking the privacy settings. This is important to often check the privacy settings in order to add the current website to the video domains' whitelist. Caching will increase the load times. Set 0 to disable.

Wistia API

  • API token - Enter here API token for Wistia account.


  • Who can watch videos - Toggles whether or not site visitors must be logged in to watch videos.
  • Disable lesson page - You can disable the lessons' pages and then you'll be able to use only the playlist shortcodes.
  • Unlock private videos - Use this button to add your domain name to the whitelist of each private video. Warning: this can exceed your Vimeo API limits. To do this manually in Vimeo - go to a Specific video → Settings → Privacy → Where can this video be embedded? → Only on sites I choose.
  • Reload lesson page after subscription expires - Immediately checks if the subscription is still active and reload the lesson when it expires or if the user has been logged-out to disallow further watching lesson.
  • Roles allowed to access the front-end progress report - The selected roles will have full access to the progress report created with the shortcode [cmvl-progress-report]. If roles not selected, then progress report visible to all logged in users.

S2Member Pro integration

  • Enable s2Member integration - enables or disables s2Member integration.
  • Enable for all user roles - enables or disables integration for all user roles.
  • Allow particular user roles - allows selecting certain user roles. To choose user roles, you need to disable the option Enable for all user roles.
  • Enable all courses - enables or disables all courses. 
  • Allow particular video courses - allows showing particular video courses available in the list. To choose videos, you need to disable the option Enable all videos.
  • Allow view time (in hours) - makes videos available within a particular period of time. 24 hours are set by default.


  • Track date and time - Logs into the database the date and time every time a user watches part of a video If disabled, only aggregated data will be stored.
    This setting affects the admin report. Learn more: CM Video Lessons Manager (CMVLM) - Admin - Report (Admin Panel)
  • Save the current progress each N [seconds]
    The time, in seconds, in which plugin will save the current video progress. 
  • Delete all statistics - Click this button to remove all website statistics. Note: this option was introduced in version 3.5.6.


This feature was introduced in version 2.9.7. Learn more in the  specific guide.

  • Restrict video by - Choose how to treat video restriction: 
    • Global - One rule for all videos
    • Lesson - Each lesson has a rule
  • Restrict video time per user - This feature will only have effect if Global was chosen in the previous setting. Choose the amount of minutes each user will have to watch before the videos get restricted.
  • Reset restrict video time - Resets the restrict video time for all users.


Clicking on the clear cache button clears the cache and can help Video Lessons Manager to stay in sync with Vimeo. Caching prevents too many requests between the website's server and the Vimeo API servers. It also improves the overall plugin performance and the website load time. When admins notice that some videos are not properly synchronized with Vimeo it's possible to purge the cache store using the " Clear cache" button.

Click on the " Save" button to save any alterations.

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