CM Video Lessons (CMVLM) + Quiz + Certificate - Use Case - Granting Certificates After Quiz Completion in Video LMS

Use Case - Granting Certificates After Quiz Completion With Test Results in Video LMS

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Requirements This use case requires these to be installed and activated:

Video Use-Case


The CM Video Lessons Quiz and Certificate add-ons, when combined, give you ability to test your video LMS students via quiz and reward them with certificates when they pass. 

How It Works

  • You can include the score on the certificate
  • A certificate can be sent once users pass a specific quiz or when a user finishes watching a lesson


Initial Plugin Setup

If you still have not configured the base VIdeo Lessons Manager plugin, check CM Video Lessons Manager (CMCLM) - Use Case - Creating a Video Lessons LMS And Tracking Student Progress.

Use Case Assumptions

In this example use case guide, we'll cover how to create quizzes and grant certificates showing their score.

We consider that you have already installed and configured the base plugin.

We also consider you bought the add-ons, but did not installed them.

It follows:

Installing The Add-ons

The process is the same for all CM plugins and add-ons.

  • Download the add-ons from your customer dashboard
  • Log in to WordPress and navigate to the WordPress Admin  → Plugins settings.
  • Click on Add New
  • Activate it and add the license for each

Creating a Quiz

What is a Quiz?

How It Works

  • Quizzes have two parts: the quiz itself and the questions.
  • Every lesson can have one quiz. Different lessons can have the same quiz

Where Do I Create a Quiz?

You can create and manage quizzes on the same screen. To reach it, head to  CM Video Lesson Manager Pro → Quizzes

  1. Add new quiz dialog: Has a series of fields that will identify the quiz. After filling them, click the button Add New Quiz.
  2. Quizzes List: To the right, you will find all the current quizzes. You can edit each one by clicking its name. 
  3. "Questions" column - displays how many questions are there on the quiz. Click on the number to manage those questions

Creating Question Inside a Quiz

Questions have to always be part of a quiz. So to add or manage them, click the value in the Question column of the respective quiz (Number 4 above). This will display the list of questions for that particular quiz. It's possible to edit, quick edit, and delete each item by hovering the mouse over it.

To add one, simply click the button Add Question.

TIP: The Question Editor

The interface used to add or edit a question is the same as the one used for posts. As such, you can enrich the body with HTML and elements such as images and video embeds.

It's worth noting:

  • Answers: It's possible to create as many answers as needed. Also, more than one can be selected as correct.
  • Manage Post Ratings: These fields manage the rating users can give to the question.
  • Question order: Indicates the order in which this question will appear. For instance, a question with a value of 1 will appear before another that has a value of 4.
    If two questions have the same value, their placement will be random.
  • Back to all Questions: Directs you to the question list of the quiz.
  • Quiz: This box provides a quick shortcut to manage the quiz that contains this question.

Assigning Quiz to a Lesson

To do this, choose to edit the lesson and alter the "Quiz After Lesson" box, as shown.

Learn more: CM Video Lessons Quiz Add-on - Creating and Managing Quizzes and Questions

Configuring Quiz Options


These settings affect all quizzes. It's not possible to set individual options, such as passing score or maximum attempts.

You can configure where they show up, the minimum score to pass, the maximum number of attempts and type of score to be shown in the Progress Report.

To change these settings, head to Video Lessons Manager SettingsQuizzes tab.

  • Correct answers percent to pass a quiz (0 - 100): It's a percentage value. So, for instance, 100 would mean all (100%) answers must be correct to pass the quizzes, while 50 would mean that at least half (50%) of the answers has to be right.
  • Max number of attempts per quiz (0 - to set as infinite): Indicates the number of attempts the user has to pass the quiz.
  • Score type to show in the Progress Report (max, min, average): The drop-down menu lets you choose between max (the maximum score between all tests will be shown), min (the minimum) and average.
  • Show quiz on bottom (below videos): "Yes" shows on the bottom of the lesson page; "no" shows on top.
  • Use priority autoincrement for new questions: If enabled, every time you create a new question it will be ordered after the previous one. This is done by granting every new question will a higher "Question order" value. This can help with ordering.
  • Show quiz summary: Displays a summary of the questionnaire after completion
    • Show correct answers in quiz summary - Displays all the correct answers in the summary. Only works if the previous options is enabled

Technical TIP: Quizzes Load With Lesson

Quizzes always show on the same page as the lesson. They appear together with the videos - meaning, it's not necessary to watch them completely first.

Showing Content Only If User Passes or Fails

How It Works

  • By default, when users pass or fail any quiz, they see the pass and fail messages set in the labels settings.
  • You can set different content for quiz pass and fail for every lesson.
  • If the lesson-specific pass message or fail message is empty, the default message will be shown.

It's possible to show different content after a user passed or failed a quiz.


Adding Pass/Fail Content

Edit the relevant lesson question and, when assigning the quiz, you will be able to fill the fields:

  • Quiz passed content
  • Quiz not passed content

TIP: Links, Image and More

The fields support HTML, so don't forget to add useful formatting and links!


The minimum score to pass is defined in the add-ons settings and is applied to all quizzes.
Learn more CM Video Lessons Quiz Add-on - Quizzes Common Settings

Learn more: CM Video Lessons Quiz Add-on - How To - Show Content After Pass or Fail

Checking The Score Report

Quiz add-on registers the scores of your students. Scores appear as a column in the Progress Report screen (read more about it in the specific guide).


It's necessary to  select one user and filter by lessons.


This shows the student's lessons and respective scores. It's possible to show the score as maximum, minimum and average percentages. To set this, head over to the Quiz Options.

Creating a Certificate

How It Works

  • Each course or lesson has its own pdf certificate
  • You can edit the certificate with HTML content
  • Certificates are sent when a user watches 100% of a lesson or when the user passes the quiz


You can edit the certificate by heading to the Edit page of that course or lesson and checking the panel "Certificate content".

Rich Formatting

The content field accepts rich formatting, images and the following placeholders: 

[course_name] [course_description] [course_url] [user_display_name][user_first_name] [user_last_name] [user_email] [website_name] [website_url].


  • Remember that the certificate will be created as a pdf file. It will be attached in the email sent to the user.
  • While you can embed content such as videos in this field, this is not advised because it will probably not be shown properly by PDF readers.
  • You can use the placeholders [website_url] to create links. To do so, simply use it in the URL field of the link.  Example: <a href="[website_url]" target="">Website</a>
  • You can, at any time, download or send the certificate with the data of a specific user. For that, input his/her ID or email and press the relevant button.

Sending Certificate Upon Lesson/Course Completion

Now let's make sure users will receive the certificate

Here, you are able to configure if users will receive certificates for completing lessons and/or courses. You can also configure the email template the users will receive.

Lesson Certificate Settings

  • Enable editor on email body -  Turn on to show the visual editor while composing the email, instead of plain HTML.
  • Send certificate to user - Enable or disable the certificates by default. You can change this setting fo each lesson or course, while editing them.
  • Email Trigger - If the email should be sent only once to the user or every time the lesson/course is completed.
  • Email Template -

In the title you can use the following placeholders:

  • [lesson_name] [lesson_description] [lesson_url] [user_display_name] [user_first_name] [user_last_name] [user_email] [website_name] [website_url]

In the content you can use the following placeholders:

  • [lesson_name] [lesson_description] [lesson_url] [user_display_name] [user_first_name] [user_last_name] [user_email] [website_name] [website_url] [certificate_url] [cpd_hours]

Course Certificate Settings 

The settings are the same as the ones for Lessons, but apply to courses.

Sending Certificate Upon Quiz Completion

With both add-ons installed, you will see the Certificate Integration box in the quiz creation and edit screens.

Within this box, you can:

  • Turn on or off - Send a certificate when the user passes this quiz
  • Set the passing score in this quiz that will trigger the certificate
  • Edit the certificate itself

TIP: Easy Check

Additionally, the quiz management screen indicates if each quiz has the completion certificate enabled or not.

Adding Quiz Score to Certificate

With the Quiz Add-on installed, you can also apply the placeholders [quiz_score] and [quiz_summary] to the template. 


Will show the achieved score over a total of 100.

Examples: 60/100; 77/100; 100/100


Will show the achieved score and all the questions with their respective answers.

Highlighted Examples

The following examples are highlighted with colors for clarity:

... will produce this result:

Translating Interface

The Quiz Add-on comes with some specific labels. To edit them, head to Settings → Labels and scroll down to the Quiz section.


Learn more: CM Video Lessons Quiz Add-on - Labels

Extra - Showing User The Certificate List

You can show users links to all already achieved certificates.

To do so, apply one of these shortcodes:

[cmvl-channel-certificates] - Displays user certificate for lessons he/she has finished. Clicking each link downloads the corresponding PDF file.


[cmvl-course-certificates] - Displays user certificates for courses he/she has finished. Clicking each link downloads the corresponding PDF file.


Learn more: CM Video Lessons Manager (CMVLM) - Certificates Add-on

[cmvl-quiz-certificates] - Displays user certificate for the quiz he/she has finished. Clicking each link downloads the corresponding PDF file. Note: this shortcode was introduced in version 1.1.2.



Below we show a lesson with quiz and a certificate.


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