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Labels Settings

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The WordPress Video Lessons Manager plugin has a set of labels that are available for editing. To find them, navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Video Lessons Manager Pro → Settings → Labels.

Labels settings - WordPress Video Course Plugin
Labels settings

Here all the front-end labels can be changed manually. This can be useful to give the site a more personal feel or even to change the language across the site more completely.

Available labels are:


General labels - Online Course WordPress Plugin
General labels


Messages labels - WordPress LMS Plugin
Messages labels


Navigation labels - WordPress Video Lessons Plugin
Navigation labels


Notes labels - LMS in WordPress
Notes labels


Subscription labels - WordPress eLearning Plugin
Subscription labels


Statistics labels - WordPress Learning Management System Plugin
Statistics labels


Restrictions labels - WordPress Video Courses
Restrictions labels

Progress Report

Progress Report labels - WordPress Video Lessons Manager Plugin
Progress Report labels

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