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Limiting Codes to Four Digits

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Quick Read

  • You can switch between codes with four digits or long ones.
  • It's not possible to use long codes when the four-digits code mode is on.

What is This Feature

It's possible to switch between two types of code:

  • Long codes
  • Four-digit codes

This feature was added in version 1.2.4. This mode causes some majors changes and this article will address them.


Head to Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Settings → General tab.

Only three settings are relevant to us, you can find them under the Code Specifications section:

  • Enable four digits invitation code - Codes will have four digits only. They are not case-sensitive. As such, abc1 is the same as ABC1.
  • Show prefix before four digits codes - If enabled, four-digit codes created sequentially can have prefixes. 
    • Example without prefix: 0000, 0001
    • Example with prefix: seq0000, seq0001
    • Prefix Enabled Changes Access Code Box

      If enabled, the field "Enter prefix" will be shown too. For the code seq0000, the user will have to input seq 0 0 0 0, as shown:

  • Four digits invitation code pattern - Only works if "Enable four digits invitation code" is enabled. You can choose which characters will be included:
    • Numbers and letters (0-9 and A-Z)
    • Numbers only (0-9)
    • Letters only (A-Z)

What Happens When You Turn On Four-Digit Codes

  • New codes will be generated with four characters only
  • The code box will change and ask for four digits only
  • Codes with more than four digits WILL NOT work

What Happens When You Turn Off Four-Digit Codes

This is important.

  • New codes will be generated with multiple characters
  • The code box will revert back to original
  • Codes created during Four Digits Mode (with only four characters) WILL work

TIP: Choosing What Codes The Access Form Will Request

You can change the Content Access Form so that it asks either the long codes or the four-digit codes.

To do so apply the shortcode   [cmicca_access_code] with the view parameter.

  •  [cmicca_access_code view=four] - The form will ask for long codes
  •  [cmicca_access_code view=four] - The form will ask for codes with four digits

Learn more about the shortcode: Invitation Code Content Access - How To - Display Content Access Form (Shortcode)

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