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Hiding URL or URL Path

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Hiding Content

Hide URL or URL Path | Hide Partial Content on Page/Post | Hide a File

What Is This Feature

It's possible to lock a list of URL and URL paths with a single code.

Hiding Content

When creating the code, ensure its Blocked Content is URL/Page.

Then write the URL in the Allow URL fields.


Value What is locked only* and all pages under it (for instance,, etc),,* pages deals1, deals2 and all pages under prizes (for instance, prizes/premium and prizes/basic).

TIP: How to Lock the Homepage

The homepage will not be locked if you lock the entire site with its path.

For example, consider your site is Creating a code with* will:

It will only work if you enable the option, that is available since the version 1.3.8 of the plugin. You need to navigate to  Admin Dashboard → Invitation Code Content Access → Settings → General and enable Allow blocking homepage option:

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