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Broken HTML Issues

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The WordPress Glossary plugin is very sensitive to cases where the HTML of the template or HTML which is created by an external plugin is broken.

This means that for example an external plugin opened up an HTML <div> tag without closing it with </div>. This causes the page to break. 

To determine if this is causing your page to break, please use an HTML validator tool. The best is W3C validator https://validator.w3.org/

W3C validator
W3C validator

After placing your page URL in the address fields you should look mostly for errors in the results:

Error example
Error example

This error might indicate the issue your template is facing which is causing the page to break. This might be coming from a Theme error or from an external plugin which is adding code to your website.

The glossary itself adds very clean and validated HTML, so it cannot cause these issues.

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