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Using Tooltip Glossary with Elementor Page Builder

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First, you need to make sure that your Glossary Tooltip plugin settings are setup to work with Elementor, hassle free. 

This step is important. Go to  Admin Dashboard → CM Tooltip Glossary → Settings → General Settings → Performance & Debug section. Enable the option Move tooltip contents to footer?

Remember to save your changes. Now you are ready to create beautiful layouts.

Supported Widgets

The most common widget that you will use will most likely be the text editor. The terms and the tooltip are fully supported in the text editor.

Examples of other widgets that support the terms as part of their text options include:

  • Image box and Icon box

  • Testimonial

  • Icon list 

  • Accordion and Toggle

  • Alert

Glossary widgets

The Tooltip Glossary widgets can be added as part of your layout. You will find them in the WordPress category in the Elementor sidebar:

Known limitations

The image widget caption does not support displaying the tooltip.

More information about the CM Tooltip Glossary WordPress Plugin

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