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Finding ID of Post/Page/Other Content

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ID is a unique number that identifies every WordPress item. For instance, every post or page has their unique ID. This way, even items with different names can be.

Some CreativeMinds plugins take advantage of IDs. This article will cover how to fetch it with examples.

Examples of ID Use

  • Specifying which posts should be included via a shortcode
  • Telling the plugin which is the core page of the plugin via the settings screens

Finding the ID

The process is easy. From the back-end, edit the content that you want to identify.

Then, check the URL. The ID is a number located after the content type.

The example shows the step to find out that the ID of a page is 68.

In most cases, the ID will come after "post". But, for other items, it may be different. For instance, ID of an attachment:

Example Use 1

In CM Routes Manager, you can add specific routes to a page via the shortcode  [route-map id=""].

You should add the ID of the route on the parameter "id". When editing the route we want, we can see the URL below.

So, the shortcode should be [route-map id="2298"].

Live example: Bet hashita - Gilboa | CM Maps Routes Manager

Example Use 2

The Expert Directory plugin has a setting called "Expert Index Page ID". 

On it, you can write down the ID of the page which has the index (meaning the page which has the index shortcode).

CM Expert Directory (CMED) - Index - Header Settings (Page ID, Number of Items, Pagination)

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