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WordPress Shortcodes

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Many of Creative Minds' plugins have a feature called a  shortcode. This guide is an overview of what they are and how you can use them.

What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes are a small piece of code that add dynamic content to your WordPress site page or post. You can identify a shortcode by brackets that look like [this]. You can place a shortcode wherever you want and it will add a specific feature to your site, post or page. 

Shortcode Parts

Shortcodes consist of 
  • Shortcode itself
  • Parameters, which are the descriptions of the shortcode action, and
    • the Parameter values which provide more specific instructions to the shortcode.

TIP: Parameter Types

There are two types of parameters:

  • Interface parameters that change the front-end of your post or page such as colors, buttons or forms; an
  • Content parameters that display specific content or type of content on your post or page such as a list of glossary items or categories.

Basic Examples

A shortcode with no additional parameters:

A shortcode with additional parameters:

Full Examples

How To Use A Shortcode

You can use a shortcode in two different ways:

  1. Adding a shortcode within WordPress editor,
  2. Adding a shortcode in the page or post code.

Adding Shortcode Within WordPress Editor

Every WordPress editor has an integrated option to add a shortcode. It is easy to use and it only takes a few steps.

  1. Go to your post or page backend and navigate to a place where you want the shortcode to appear.
  2. Click on the "Add block" option which you can find at the top menu or at the bottom of your post, and look for the shortcode block.
  3. Input the desired shortcode and add parameter values you need.
  4. Publish or update your post or page.

Adding Shortcode In The Page Or Post Code

As a WordPress user you know it has many advanced options and even access to your post or page code editor where you can control more HTML elements. You can use this option to add a custom shortcode.

  1. From the "More tools and options" menu, choose "Code Editor" or if you are using different WordPress Editor, switch to Text mode.
  2. Navigate to the place where you want your shortcode to appear, and add the shortcode within brackets, surrounded by wp:shortcode declaration.
  3. Change parameters within the shortcode you need.
  4. Publish or update your post or page.

TIP: Finding ID

In many shortcodes, you should input the ID of a page, post or other element.

You can find the ID of that element by editing it from the back-end and checking the URL. In the example below, the ID of the item is 2298.

Learn more: Finding ID of Post/Page/Other Content

Where Can I Find Shortcodes

  1. Every CreativeMinds plugin is equipped with plugin documentation you can use to learn how to customize the plugin to your needs, including the various shortcodes you can use.
    You can access the plugin documentation portal here.
  2. The other way to find shortcodes you need is to navigate to the plugin options within your WordPress backend menu. Here you can find the option "Shortcodes" where you will see all the shortcodes listed together with instructions and examples. 

Make sure to check plugin documentation often as we are updating it regularly to provide the latest features, updates, and changes that will make your WordPress website work smooth.


CreativeMinds plugins demand activating the license key in order to use the plugin and its shortcodes. So, if you activated the plugin and shortcodes don't work - please, check if you activated the license key.

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