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Controlling the Thread Page Look and Feel

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Navigate to Admin Dashboard  CM Answers PRO  Settings.

Click on Appearance tab. Here you will find settings which will help you control the look and feel of the thread page.

Open the Thread Page section.

  • Page template for thread - Choose the page template of the current theme or use the default. Using the theme template will let you choose your default sidebars and may look more like your theme design. The default CMA template will be more stretched and will include the CMA widget area instead. 
  • Show additional question title - If your theme template doesn't show the question title, you can display an additional one.
  • Show number of questions and answers next to username - If enabled, number of questions and answers posted by user will be displayed next to username.
  • Show gravatar photos - If enabled, photos from gravatar (http://www.gravatar.com/) will be shown next to user name and in his profile page.
  • Show social share icons in question page - If enabled, displays social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) on the question page.
  • Show question/answer author - If enabled, the name of the question author and the name of the answers authors will be included next to the question and answer. Once included the names will be clickable and will lead to the author page generated by the plugin
  • Sort answers by - Sort by Dates or Votes. Default: by date.
  • Sort answers in - Specify how answers to a question should be sorted Ascending or Descending order  (default: descending).
  • Shortcodes whitelist - Enter the shortcodes comma-separated list (only names, without brackets) which can be used by all users in their questions and answers. Other shortcodes won't be executed. This feature lets you integrate external plugins into the CM Answers so user for example can include an equation generated by a third party plugin or include a graph generated by another
  • Display question ID - If enabled, the thread page will display question ID in order to refer in another question (see related question option).


To adjust the comment settings for the thread page, go to the Thread tab and open the Comments section.

  • Enable the question comments - If enabled, users will be able to post both comments and answers to the question.
  • Enable the answer comments - If enabled, users will be able to post comments to the answers.

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