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Moderation and Auto Approval

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In the CM Answers Pro plugin settings under Access and moderation tab on your admin dashboard, you will find a check-box feature that allows the admin to define whether to auto-approve user’s questions or whether they will require admin approval before being published on the question list.

Auto-Approve User's Questions

Manual Approval

Auto-approval of questions is turned off by default, so unless you change this setting, the admin/editor will be able to moderate each new question manually by going into the Questions section in the CM Answers admin control panel:

Questions that are pending administrator moderation will appear with a pending status alert beside them. 

Admins or editors can simply click on the Approve link to post the question. 

auto-approve questions or answers by visitors you trust and give permission to. This way you can control and moderate the direction of your conversations so that you stay in charge of the situation.

If you choose to auto-approve user’s questions, they will be published automatically. As the site admin you will still be able to moderate them, but only after they’ve been published.

Using WordPress Spam System

Moderating question can also be based on external plugins such as Akismet or WordPress build-in spam system. This means that the control over what is added automatically is based on rules set by Akismet or WordPress built-in spam filtering.

To enable this feature turn this on on the plugin settings.

Auto Approval to Specific Users

It is possible to restrict auto approval only to specific users by adding the username to the list of approved user.

Auto Approval for answers and comments

Answers and comments need also to be set for auto-approval or moderation using the plugin settings.

Unlike Questions, moderating answers and comments is done from the Answers & Comments grid found in the plugin menu:

Once clicked the list of answers and comments appears:

Once hovering over the comment section you can approve or trash the answer / comment:


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