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Starting from version 4.6.2 of the Questions and Answers plugin, you are able to set up badges for your forum's authors.

Example of the forum badge - WordPress Forum Plugin
Example of the forum badge

Default Badges

To set up default badges for all users, navigate to Admin Dashboard CM Answers Pro Appearance Thread page section.

Thread page settings - Questions and Answers Forum Plugin
Thread page settings

Here we need the following options:

General badge options - WordPress Questions and Answers
General badge options
  • Show question/answer author - At least one of these options must be enabled to display author badges.
  • Default authors badge - Write here a default name of badge for author that will be displayed next to his name on the front-end. Leave this field empty to disable it.
  • Default authors badge color - Choose default background color for badges.

Click the button Update to save the changes at the bottom of the page.

This is how a badge will be displayed on the front-end:

Example of the default forum badge - WordPress Discussion Forum
Example of the default forum badge

Individual Badges

You can override default settings and set up individual badges for each user. To do this navigate to Admin Dashboard → Users → All Users.

Managing users
Managing users

Hover on the user you want to change a badge for and click Edit.

Editing the user profile - Q and A Plugin
Editing the user profile

Locate there a section CM Answers. There you will see two options: User badge and User badge color. The work the same as in general plugin settings, so just write a name of badge and choose a color for it.

Setting up an individual badge for a speicifc user - WordPress Q and A Plugin
Setting up an individual badge for a speicifc user

Then click the button Update User at the end of the page to save the changes.

This how it will look like on the Front-end:

Example of the individual forum badge - Questions and Answers Plugin
Example of the individual forum badge

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