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Granting Users Option to Edit Questions and Answers

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As the administrator, you can decide to give users the possibility to edit questions and answers they have posted on your Q&A forum.  If you choose to disable this option, users will not be allowed to edit questions and answers once those have been submitted. 

Alternatively, you can modify your auto-approval settings to decide which users can publish posts automatically and which require further admin moderation.

There are three editing options available, depending on the period of time that has passed since users posted the questions or answers:

  • Within one hour - limits the editing period to 1 hour from publishing the post.
  • Within one day - limits the editing period to 1 day from publishing the post.
  • Anytime - Editing period is unlimited.

Additionally, the admin can choose whether authors can edit content after the question has been resolved.

To change these settings, navigate to the Common section under the Thread tab in the plugin settings:

User Experience

For questions that have been posted, the “edit” button will appear under the details of the author, in the right corner.

For answers, the “edit” button will appear under the answer, in the right corner.

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