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The CM Answers plugin work with several social media platforms to enable a quick and easy authentication through external social media profiles, without needing to register with WordPress.

Once you allow LinkedIn users to authenticate their credentials with CM Answers, they will be able to submit Questions and Answers to the CM Answers forum. 

Linkedin Social Login

Settings to specifically allow LinkedIn user authentication can be found in the plugin settings panel under the tab Social Login

You need to make sure that cURL is enabled. You can find out if cURL is enabled on your servery by going to User Guide, and the scroll down to the Server Information tab. 

If this option is left empty, the LinkedIn icon and login option will not appear. To register your site with LinkedIn and allow LinkedIn user authentication, follow these steps:

  1. Create LinkedIn application at
  2. Enter your website URL (
  3. No need to enter an OAuth Redirect URL
  4. Enter your domain ( at JavaScript API Domain.

In the plugin settings, add these values in the following fields:

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