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Once you allow Twitter users to authenticate their login with the WordPress Questions and Answers, they will be able to submit questions or answers to your forum. 

This setting can be customized to specifically allow Twitter authentication within the plugin settings panel. If this setting is left empty, the Twitter option will not appear. 

To register your site with Twitter, the admin must complete the following steps:

  1. Create Twitter application at https://developer.twitter.com/en/apps
  2. Remember to enter App Domains (your-domain).
  3. Make sure that callback URL is set to your homepage. 
  4. On settings tab check option “Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter”.
  5. On settings tab uncheck option “Enable callback locking”.
Creating Twitter application - WordPress Forum Plugin
Creating Twitter application

After setting up the App in Twitter copy and enter the API keys as follows:

Obtaining Twitter API key and secret - WordPress Discussion Forum
Obtaining Twitter API key and secret

Next, navigate to the plugin settings.

Social Login settings - WordPress Q and A Plugin
Social Login settings

In the plugin settings panel, add these values to the following fields:

Fields for entering Twitter API key and secret - Discussion Forum Plugin for WordPress
Fields for entering Twitter API key and secret

Once users log in with their social media accounts, a new WordPress profile will be assigned to their social profile, which will enable them to post questions and answers.

Login Box

If you enable social media registration and login, the login box will include the social media icons.

Login Box - WordPress Question and Answer Plugin
Login Box

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