Marketplace Multi-Vendor - General Configuration

General Configuration

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The main configuration screen can be reached by clicking Stores → Settings → Configuration, and from the left menu: MARKETPLACE → Configuration.

General Settings

  • Default Percentage Fee: The default percentage of the orders that the admin is due. Default is 10%.
  • Fee Type: The admin can decide if the fee is flexible (as a percentage value of the order) or fixed (as a steady value, like $10). Default is Percentage.
  • Is Discount Effective: Sets whether or not discounts from promotions affect the supplier amount. If it is set as No, the discount will be applicable only to the vendor, not to the store.
  • Enable Notification For Supplier When Profile Is Approved: Enables a notification to be sent to the supplier upon approval of their profile.
  • Enable Supplier Page: Toggles customers have access to an individual supplier page displaying vendor information, including contact information.
  • Allow Supplier To Upload Logo: Toggles whether or not the supplier can customize their profile image.

Presentation Settings

  • Enable Supplier Rating: Admin can decide if customers can rate suppliers after ordering their products.
  • Add "Sold by" block On Product Page: Identifies the supplier on the product page
  • Allow To Send Email To Customers When Supplier Creates Invoice: Toggles whether or not customers receive emails when their order has been invoiced.
    • New Invoice Template / New Invoice Guest Template: Set the email template
    • Send Marketplace Profile Fields in Email: Includes profile fields in the email. The value should be exactly the same as the field name.
      To add multiple, separate them with a comma. Example: "tvq, tps"
      Learn more: Marketplace Multi-Vendor - Admin View - Custom Profile Fields
  • Order Statuses Visible For Supplier: Orders (depending on the status) suppliers can see in their Vendor Portal.
  • Allow To Send Emails To Customers When Supplier Creates Shipment: Sends customers emails when their order has been shipped.

Supplier Frontend Product Uploader

The admin can assign attribute sets available per each supplier or vendor, while maintaining the admin’s exclusive ability to approve or dismiss uploaded products, as well as moderate supplier products which need further editing.
The Magento ® Supplier Product Inventory Management Extension by CreativeMinds has the ability to benefit both admin and suppliers. The admin is able to manage suppliers and upload products, while store suppliers can upload products from a front-end dashboard without gaining access to store admin.

For more information on this section configuration and features, please read the Supplier Frontend Product Uploader documentation for Magento® 2.

Finally, remember to Save the Configuration!

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