Multi Vendor Magento 2 - Adding Suppliers (Admin Panel)

Adding Suppliers (Admin Panel)

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Navigate to  Suppliers → Manage Suppliers. Click on the "Add New Supplier" Button.

Fill out all the Required details and chosen optional details, then click "  Save Supplier". Then follow the steps above to Approve the supplier when ready.

It is essential that the Admin choose either "Supplier" or "Supplier Pro" from the Group option when creating a new supplier or the "General" Group will be set by default. The general group creates a customer rather than one of the optional suppliers.

Once the Supplier is created on the Admin Panel they will receive a welcome email informing them that their account has been created with a link to change the password for the account.

The new Vendor will then be directed to the Password Reset page to choose a new Secure Password.

Upon setting a new password the new supplier will be directed to the Login page once again and will be required to re-enter their Log in Credentials with their new password to log in.

Logging in will bring the supplier to the supplier version of the Customer Dashboard. On the lefthand menu at the bottom is the link to direct the vendor to their Vendor Portal.

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