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Vendor Registration (Front-End)

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The site admin can choose to allow Vendors to register themselves on the site through a Front-end form rather than Adding them manually through the Admin Panel each time.

To do this navigate to Stores → Settings → Configuration → Supplier Product Uploader → Configuration

Inside Configuration scroll down to the Registration and Login Section. in the "Enable Separated Register Login Page" field choose Yes. Click Save.

Below this field is a link that can be used for directing users to the Registration Page. Copy this and replace the '' with the website URL. Then Apply this link to anywhere that should direct site visitors to the Registration page.

When this link is applied somewhere on the front-end of the site and a visitor clicks on it they will be directed to the Create New Supplier Account page.

The prospective Supplier must fill out the different fields and create a secure password. Upon doing so and clicking "Create an Account" they will be directed to the Supplier dashboard.

It is recommended to set up the Supplier Profile page shortly after creating the Supplier account. For more information on creating or updating a Supplier Profile Page see  this Article.

Admin Approval (Admin Panel)

The site administrator has the option to necessitate admin approval before a new Supplier can create a supplier Account on the site. To do this navigate to  Stores → Settings → Configuration → Supplier Product Uploader → Configuration.

In the General section at the top set "Suppliers Require Approval" to Yes. And remember to click "Save".

When "Suppliers Requires Approval" is set to Yes the new vendor will no longer be directed straight to their Supplier Dashboard upon completing the registration form. Instead they will be directed back to the main page of the website with a success message and an awaiting approval message displayed at the top.

The Administrator will receive a notification email informing them of the newly registered Supplier. They can then approve the new Supplier or choose not to.

To approve the Supplier through the Admin Panel go to Suppliers → Manage Suppliers.

Locate the Supplier that is to be approved. Usually this will be the supplier at the top of the list unless several suppliers have been recently added or modified. 

Unapproved suppliers can be identified by having a blank space where Approved suppliers display "Yes" in the Is Approved column.

Click on Edit to view the Customer Information Page.

Now on the "Customer Information" page choose "Account Information from the menu on the left.

Set the "Is supplier approved" toggle to Yes. Now click on the Save Supplier button on the top right of the form.

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