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Configuration (Admin Side)

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To enable or disable the CSV import in the Admin Panel, go to System → Configuration → Supplier Frontend Product UploaderConfiguration CSV Import.

Enable CSV import - enables/disables the CSV import features.

Send a notification when supplier uploads the products - sends a notification to the Admin when a Vendor uploads new products using the CSV Import feature.

Define Categories using - sets whether the admin would prefer new products to be defined by "Category Name(s)" or by "Category".

How many product can be imported - Determines the number of products that can be imported at any one time using a CSV file. Setting this option to 0 will put no limit on the number.

CSV Product Import (Supplier Side)

On your Supplier Dashboard, navigate to Import → Products

Important: On the 'Upload Products' page you can download the CSV schema you will need to use in order to upload products in bulk via CSV to the chosen Attribute. To do this, choose the Attribute and then click the "Download" link.
Note that the file will change depending on what Attribute is chosen! Be sure to follow this schema.

This is an  example of CSV schema for the accessories attribute set:

You can also upload the Product Images associated with each product in the schema (1) and upload your completed CSV file. 

If the Product(s) is successfully uploaded then the user should see a Success notification with a "Success count", showing the number of products that have successfully been uploaded from the CSV.

Mistakes in the Product Headers (The first row of the products table/CSV... 'ID', 'name(*)', 'description(*)' etc.) will result in the following error message, to inform you which column header to fix.

Mistakes in the Products entered in the CSV will result in an error message as shown below. 1) 'Failed count' indicates the number of failed CSV imports, 2) 'Click here for full report' can be selected to display details on why the product(s) failed to import. 3) In this case 'Value: steel', tells us that the material chosen is not a valid attribute. Attributes that are predefined such as material and category must be set by the administrator of the site.

Tip: Creating a Sample CSV File (Supplier Side)

A quick way to make sure you have a proper CSV file is to generate a CSV file based on your existing product list. This way, the basic necessary fields will be automatically filled for you. They won't include attribute set custom fields.

This can be done by heading to the Product List and clicking on Export to CSV.

This will generate a CSV file such as this:

Tip 2: Understanding the Fields in CSV Files

Note: This information should not be necessary since the extension allows you to download CSV files tailored for each attribute set. Read above.

The header fields present in the CSV files (for example Id, Name, description, short_description...) are based on the attribute set.

To check them manually, go to Catalog → Manage Attribute Sets.

And then choose one attribute set.

The image below covers the accessories set. Note that, under the Accessories group, you will find a series of attributes. These are the ones that will be checked in the CSV file.

Learn more:  Multi-Vendor Marketplace - Admin - Custom Profile Fields

Defining Categories by ID

You may choose to Predefine a list of categories that will be available for Vendors to use on your store. It can be beneficial if you would like to have different categories with the same name, in which case you can assign them different IDs. If you would rather define categories by ID rather than by Category Name Navigate to SUPPLIER FRONTEND PRODUCT UPLOADER CSV IMPORT. Then Select 'Category Id(s) from 'Define Categories using:' 

Importing Configurable Products

One of the benefits of uploading via CSV is that you can upload multiple products at one time. It's also possible to upload the various configurations for a configurable product. To do this start by uploading a Configurable product. This is done in the usual way as described above. However, one of the products' ' type' must be set to "configurable".

Product CSV viewed in Spreadsheet

To learn how to Associate products to a Configurable product see the Documentation on Adding Configurable Products by clicking here.

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