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Setting Configurable Products (Admin Side)

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A configurable product appears as a single product with lists of options for each configuration. 

However, each option represents a separate, simple product with a distinct SKU, which makes it possible to track inventory for each variation.

To create the configurable product it's necessary to add a new attribute:

  1. In Admin Panel, please go to Catalog → Attributes → Manage Attribute
  2. Select 'Add new Attribute' with the following settings:
    1. "Scope" as Global;
    2. "Catalog Input Type for Store Owner" as Dropdown;
    3. "Use To Create Configurable Product" as Yes;
    4. Save Attribute

  3. After you have assigned your new attribute's properties decide what on the attribute labels.
  4. Next assign this attribute to attribute sets on Catalog → Attributes → Manage Attribute Sets.
  5. Select 'Add New Set'.
  6. (Drag and drop the desired attribute from the right column to the suitable group on the left column)

Create Configurable Products (Supplier Side)

Configurable products can easily be created via the supplier dashboard, allowing to group a number of simple products on the same page, and letting the customers select the products they want on the Product Page.

To create a configurable product, navigate to "Add a Product" on the Supplier Dashboard, and select "Configurable Product" as the Product Type. 

Create your configurable product by entering the baseline product information in the "Add Product" form. 

You can also enter information for one of the products that you want to appear on the same product page.

In order to edit your configurable product, navigate to "Product List" on your Supplier Dashboard. 

Here you will find a list of your products and you can also easily "associate" the different products with each other so that they appear on the same product page on the store.  To edit a configurable product and add more products to its product page, click on "Associated Products" for the Configurable Product you just created. You can also add and remove products from the Associated Product list. 

To add a product, input its Name, the Qty Available, Product Weight, and Color and Size (if applicable).

Creating new Associated Products

Adding Existing Associated Products

To add an existing product as an associated product. Identify the 'Configurable' product that you want to associate it to in the List of Products. on the right hand side of the product row choose "Associated Products" from the More Actions dropdown.

On the left side of the "Quick Create Associated Product" page click on the drop down menu below Existing Product.

Choose the product you want to assign as an Associated Product from the resulting drop down menu, then click on Save Product to the right.

After the product has successfully been Associated it should appear to the right.

The product will now have options to choose from for different configurations on the front-end product page.

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