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Custom Profile Fields (Admin Side)

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It may be necessary to create custom fields for entering data for your vendors. This can be especially useful when a vendor is going through the registration process for the first time. Examples of custom fields may be 'phone number', 'secondary phone number', 'emergency contact', 'social media profile'.

To access and create custom profile fields, navigate to Suppliers → Manage Profile Fields.
Here the admin will find a list of the different custom profile fields that have been created and can choose to add new ones. 

The Name is only seen by the Admin while the Label is what will appear on the Supplier profile. 

Additionally, the admin can set additional options to the new profile field: 

  • Required - defines whether the custom field is required or not.
  • Is System - allows the field to be visible in the Profile Settings in the Vendor Panel but its value is not shown on the profile public page. Some examples of this field: bank account information, PayPal information, and other private data.
  • Type - the custom field can have Text or Text Area type.
  • Wysiwyg - defines if WYSIWYG ('What you see is what you get') representation is enabled or not. 
  • Must be approved - decides whether the custom profile requires approval from the admin.

Finally, remember to Save the new profile field.

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