CM Registration (CMREG) + Payments - Use Case - Charging Users to Register to Your WordPress Site

Use Case - Charging Users to Register to Your WordPress Site

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CM Registration allows your users to login and register to your site via beautiful pop-ups. The Pro Payments add-on lets you charge users for registering.

Use Case Front-End

Use Case Assumptions

Want to Learn From The Start?

If you still haven't configured the Registration Plugin, check the use case:

CM Registration (CMREG) - Use Case - Adding Login and Registration Pop-ups With Invitation Codes

In this example use case guide, we'll cover how to allow users to add payments to your registration process. We consider that you have already bought the Payments Add-on, but not installed it. 

It follows:

Installing The Add-on

The process is the same for all CM plugins and add-ons.

  • Download the plugin from your customer dashboard
  • Log in to WordPress and navigate to the WordPress Admin  → Plugins settings
  • Click on Add New
  • Activate it and add the license

Learn more: Getting Started - Plugin Overview

Installing Payment Plugin (EDD or WooCommerce)

You must choose between either Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce.

EDD or WooCommerce? No Difference For The Plugin

As far as the Payment add-on is concerned, there is almost no difference between using either EDD or WooCommerce. Both are free and provide free and paid add-ons. 

Head to Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Installed Plugins and click Add New

Search for either Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce and install it.

Configure Payment Plugins

Don't forget to configure the payment plugin! This way you can connect it to payment providers such as PayPal or credit card companies.


Be sure that your payment plugin has the correct Checkout and Cart pages set up. They are used by the plugin.

External Resources

Initial Setup

For the following steps, the login/registration pop-up has to be properly set up.

If you still haven't configured:

  • Installing the base plugin
  • Showing and configuring the pop-up
  • Configuring how users log in
  • Registration required fields
  • Email notifications
  • Invitation codes
  • Labels

please check:

CM Registration (CMREG) - Use Case - Adding Login and Registration Pop-ups With Invitation Codes

Creating and Assigning Prices

What You WIll Achieve

Users who wish to registrate will have to complete a payment through the chosen payment system.

This is the most important part of the process, and it's quite straightforward. We start by creating price options (one or more). To do so, follow the path CM Registration Pro → Settings → Payments tab.

Start by selecting the payment provider (note that EDD/WooCommerce has to be activated to show up on the list).

Assigning Prices

You can set the products associated with the payment. For each you can set:

  • An assigned product
  • An assigned user role for new members (optional)
  • Background color
  • Text color

TIP: Create Product Shortcut

You can quickly create new products for either services by clicking the button  Create new product.

Why Multiple Prices?

You can set different prices to allow users to pay for different user roles. 

For instance, $5 for subscriber and $15 for editor. We'll explain below how to show these differences to users.

User View - What Happens During Payment Process

Once the user chooses to register, they will be redirected to checkout.

And after payment, the account will be created.

Displaying Multiple Subscription Options (Shortcode and Registration From)

There are two ways to show payment options when you have more than one.

1) Displaying The Package Table

Use the  [cmreg-packages] shortcode on any post/page to display all payment options. Example:

Where Does The Data Comes From?

This shortcode displays data from the products, such as title and description. Example from EDD:

The colors come from the plugin's settings.

TIP: What Are Shortcodes

Shortcodes add dynamic content to your site via a small piece of code.

Learn more: Shortcodes - How To Use | Finding ID of Post/Page/Other Content

2) Displaying on the Registration Form

The package options will be displayed automatically on the Registration Form, under "Membership Plan".

Accounts Without Payment: Notifications and Auto-Delete

Back in the Payments tab, you can configure the payment reminder and auto-delete accounts from users that didn't pay.

Remind Users About Missing Payment

This message will be sent every a set number of days to users who registered but didn't pay.

TIP: Customize Email Message

You can customize this message in the Email tab. Learn more about it in the Customizing the Email Reminder article.

Delete Inactive Accounts After X Days

This option allows the system to delete accounts that still have the payment pending.

The number represents the number of days and inputting 0 disables the feature.

Enabling Recurring Payments (Subscriptions)

How It Works

Recurring payments are handled by the payment plugins (EDD or WooCommerce).

Once that is configured, accounts will be paused as soon as the subscription is cancelled.

If You Use WooCommerce

Learn how WooCommerce subscriptions work: Introduction to WooCommerce Subscriptions

It's required to install and set up:

If You Use EDD

Learn how EDD subscriptions work: Recurring Payments - Overview

It's required to install and set up EITHER one of these plugins:

Learn more: Registration Payments - How To - Enable Subscriptions - CreativeMinds Products Documentation

Translating Messages About Payments

The Payments add-on adds two extra label which can be customized. Read more about Registration Pro's labels.

To configure this, head to the Labels tab.

Scroll down and, under Payments, you will see the relevant labels:

End Result

Following instructions found in the plugin and guides, you should be able to charge your users for registering.

Use Case Front-End

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