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Getting Started

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How it Works

Registration Payments allows you to charge users for registering. This is done by setting a price to the subscription.

When properly set up, users will see a message after registering:

And this message when trying to login without completing the payment: The text of these messages can be customized in the labels settings. Learn more in the specific guide.

Setting it Up

To use it, follow these steps

  1. Enable and configure either EDD or WooCommerce (learn more in the guide list)
  2. Create a product with the price you intend to charge (check the shortcut in the Payment Settings guide / learn about creating products in the guide list)
  3. Assign this price to the registration (learn more in the Payment Settings guide)
  4. Display multiple subscription options to your users (learn more in the Offering Multiple Pricing guide)
  5. Configure the notifications (learn more in the Payment Settings guide)
  6. Enable recurring payments (learn more in the Enable Subscriptions guide)

More information about the CM Registration Payments Add-on 

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