CM Registration (CMREG) - Getting Started - Free Version Tutorial

CM Registration - Free Version Tutorial

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This article covers only features present in the free version of Registration and Invitation Codes. 

It shows you how to set a login and registration pop-up on your site.


Table of Contents

  1. Installation guide
  2. List of Features
  3. Using the Plugin - Overview
  4. Settings
    1. Settings - Login and Logout
    2. Settings - Registration
    3. Settings - Custom CSS

Installation guide

Here are the steps needed to install the plugin:

  1. Download - To manually install the plugin, you must first download it from to your computer.
  2. Navigate to the Plugins tab in the WordPress Admin Panel to install the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin. 

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List of Features

Free Edition Pro Edition
User registration and login User registration and login
Login and registration pop-up Customizable login and registration pop-up
Redirection after login and logout Redirection after login and logout
- Invitation codes
Automatic admin notification Multiple customizable notification emails
Simple registration form Visual registration form builder
- Translate the plugin with customizable labels
- Email verification
- reCAPTCHA support
Interface in English Labels can be translated
No support Plugin can be used forever; one year of support and updates

CM Registration Invitation and Codes Pro

Learn more about CM Registration and Invitation Codes Pro

Using the Free Plugin - Overview

Adding Login Button: Method 1 (Link)

You can add the log in, log out and register links as menu items. You can do so by #cmreg-login-click instead of a regular URL. The end result will look like this:

To do this, navigate to the Admin Dashboard → Appearance → Menus.

Inside a menu, add a custom link with #cmreg-login-click instead of a regular URL. 

Adding Login Button: Method 2 (Shortcode)

You can also add a download button by using the shortcode  [cmreg-login]Login[/cmreg-login].

The enveloped text (in this case, "Login") will be shown inside the button.

TIP: What Happens Once User Registers?

New users will have the role "Subscriber". You can manage all users from Admin Dashboard → Users → All Users.

Settings - Login and Logout Options

In the Login tab, you define the most important functionalities of the plugin.
  • Redirect after login to URL address- Enter an option URL address that users will be redirected after login. If this field is empty, the user will stay on the same page.


    You can use the %userlogin% and %usernicename% parameter in the URL, for example: /welcome/%usernicename%.

  • Enable the "Remember me" option - Lets users save their login session.
  • Enable lost password form - Lets users retrieve their password. Once they input a wrong password, they will be prompted to receive the correct one by email (it will be sent to the email attached to the account)
  • Login using field - Choose between
    • email
    • login
    • both email or login
  • Disable wp-login.php and redirect to this URL - You can disable the regular Wordpress login page (wp-login.php) and redirect users to the specified URL address, where they can find the CM Registration login form/shortcode. This will affect also the lost password page.
    Leave blank to enable the wp-login.php page.
  • Prevent from calling login_footer action in the front-end - Enable this as a troubleshooting attempt if you are facing issues with the login form on the front-end


Under the General tab you can also set a custom address to where users will be redirected when logging out.

Settings - Registration

In this tab, you can configure the plugin's behavior when users register.

  • Allow user to enter his login - If disabled, the login will be created from the entered email address. The login is needed during the sign-in.
  • Allow user to enter his publicly displayed name - If enabled, users can enter name that will be displayed next to comments or posts.
    If disabled, the email address will be used as public name.
  • Notify admin about new registration: If enabled, the default notification email will be send to the registered admin email of the site
  • Prevent sending the standard WP welcome email - If enabled, the regular Wordpress welcome mail won't be send to the user.
    For some specific cases you may need to disable this option.
  • Disable WP registration page and redirect to this URL -  You can disable the regular Wordpress registration page (wp-login.php?action=register) and redirect users to the specified URL address where they can find the CM Registration form/shortcode.
    Leave blank to enable the wp-login.php page.


  • Require to repeat password - Enable or disable
  • Require strong passwords - If enabled, passwords must be at least 8 characters long and must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and one digit. Regular expression: ~^(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[0-9]).{8,}$~

Settings - Custom CSS (Advanced)

Back in the General tab is the Custom CSS box. These CSS rules will be applied on every page that contains a CM Registration interface.

Quick Read

What is CSS

CSS allows you to make changes that WordPress, themes and even the plugins don't support. Be sure to test all changes before applying! 
Learn more: General Support - Advanced - Custom CSS

CreativeMinds Can Help

If you prefer not modifying CSS and visual elements by yourself, CreativeMinds can help adapting CM plugins to your theme.
Learn more: Plugin Installation Service for WordPress by CreativeMinds

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