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Payments Settings

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The payment setting of Registration Payments allows you to set a product to the registration process.

This way, users who wish to registrate will have to complete a payment through the chosen payment system.

To edit them, follow the path CM Registration Pro → Settings → Payments tab.

The following settings can be customized:

1) Products

You can set the products associated with the payment. It's only possible to choose one payment system ( WooCommerce or EDD). 

Starting from version 2.03, it's possible to add different tiers, each with 

  • An assigned product
  • An assigned user role for new members (optional)
  • Background color
  • Text color

Note that you can quickly create new products for either services by clicking the button Create new product.


This example shows three tiers of packages - each is a different product

Learn more about displaying the package table: Registration Payments - Offering Multiple Pricing Options (Shortcode)

2) Send the Payment Reminder Every X days

Triggers an e-mail for these circumstances. Inputting 0 disables the notification. You can customize this message in the Email tab. Learn more about it in the Customizing the Email Reminder article.

3) Delete inactive Accounts After X days

This option allows the system to delete accounts that still have the payment pending. The number represents the number of days and inputting 0 disables the feature.

More information about the CM Registration Payments Add-on 

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