Registration Payments - Payments Settings (Payment Provider, Tiers, Payment Reminders)

Payments Settings

The payment setting of Registration Payments allows you to set a product to the registration process.

This way, users who wish to register will have to complete a payment through the chosen payment system.

To edit them, follow the path Admin Dashboard → CM Registration Pro → Settings → Payments tab.

The following settings can be customized:

Payment provider

First thing you need to do is to choose the Payment provider. You can choose between these options:

  • Disabled
  • Custom Payment URL (this feature is available starting from version 2.0.9)
  • Easy Digital Downloads or WooCommerce - depending on what payment plugin you use


Note: the functionality for setting up the registration products was renewed in version 2.1.7.

You can set the products associated with the payment. This option will work if you choose one of the payment systems in the Payment Provider option - and it's possible to choose only one of the systems: WooCommerce or EDD

The options which you can configure are:

  1. Pricing table categories - Define categories for the pricing table. Separate each new category by a new line. When you filled them, click the button Save at the bottom of the page - after that, each pricing option that you create will have a box will corresponding fields.
  2. Heading text - Define the name of a pricing option which will be displayed in the pricing table.
  3. Price text - Define how the price will look like on the front-end. This option doesn't define or affect the actual price - the price depends on the chosen product which is specified in the option below. 
  4. Pricing Table Categories - This box is displayed only if you specified categories in the option #1 and saved changes. It shows the fields with categories that you defined. You can use a shortcode [checkbox] if you want to show a checkbox symbol in the table.
  5. Button Text - Change text which will be displayed in the button for signing up.
  6. Product - Define a price for a pricing option by choosing a pre-made product in a chosen payment plugin. If the product has a description - it will be displayed in the pricing table.
  7. User Role - Choose a user role that a user will have after paying for a chosen pricing option.
  8. Box BG Color - Specify the background color for a box that shows the pricing option information.
  9. Box Text Color - Specify the text color for a box that shows the pricing option information.
  10. Button BG Color - Specify the background color for a sign up button.
  11. Button Text Color - Specify the text color for a sign up button.
  12. Remove - Click it to remove chosen pricing option.
  13. Hidden - Check this box, if you don't want to display chosen pricing option in the pricing table on the front-end.
  14. Add - Click it to add new pricing option.
  15. Create new product - Clicking on this button will direct you to the page for creating a new product in a chosen payment plugin.

This way you can create multiple pricing options.


This example shows three tiers of packages - each is a different product

Learn more about displaying the package table: Registration Payments - Offering Multiple Pricing Options (Shortcode)

Custom Payment URL

This URL can be used only if the Custom Payment URL option is chosen in the Payment provider option. You can also override this URL with each invitation code (learn more). URL should be an absolute path such as

Note: Custom Payment URL means you are able to use a third party plugin payment and after payment the admin needs to approve every user manually from the user section. This feature was introduced in version 2.0.9.

User Status Before Redirect to Custom Payment URL

You can choose what status give to the user account before redirecting to the Custom Payment URL:

  • Pending - The user account will be Inactive.
  • Complete - The user account will be Active.

Note: this feature was introduced in version 2.1.3.

Send the Payment Reminder Every X days

Triggers an e-mail for these circumstances. Inputting 0 disables the notification. You can customize this message in the Email tab. Learn more about it in the Customizing the Email Reminder article.

Delete Inactive Accounts After X days

This option allows the system to delete accounts that still have the payment pending. The number represents the number of days and inputting 0 disables the feature.

Require to Membership Plan

If this option is enabled, the Membership Plan field will be required during the registration. Note: this option was introduced in version 2.1.9.

Recurring Payments

The plugin supports recurring payments. Learn more: Registration Payments - How To - Enable Subscriptions

More information about the CM Registration Payments Add-on 

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