CM Video Lessons Quiz Add-on - Creating and Managing Quizzes and Questions

Creating and Managing Quizzes and Questions

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Quizzes are compromised of two parts: the quizzes itself and the questions.

Changes made to the  Quizzes Common Settings affect all quizzes. 

Managing Quizzes

With the Lessons Manager

The lessons manager displays if any quiz is assigned to each course. To reach it, navigate CM Video Lessons Manager ProLessons.

If the lesson has a quiz assigned to it, you will be able to  Edit the Quiz or View the Questions. If not, the Add Quiz link will be available. Both cases are shown below:

The fastest way to create a quiz is through this screen, as it will automatically assign the new quiz to the lesson.

With the Quiz Manager

You can create and manage quizzes on the same screen. To reach it, head to CM Video Lesson Manager ProQuizzes (Green Number 1 in the image below). 

  • Add new quiz dialog: Has a series of fields that will identify the quiz. After filling them, click the button Add New Quiz (Number 2).
  • Quizzes List: To the right, you will find all the created quizzes. You can edit each one by clicking its name (Number 3). The column "Questions" displays how many questions are there on the quiz (Number 4).

If the quiz was created with this method, you can manually set it to a lesson. To do this, choose to edit the lesson and alter the "Quiz After Lesson" box, as shown:

Managing Questions

The Questions List

Questions have to always be part of a quiz. So to add or manage them, click the value in the Question column of the respective quiz (Number 4 above). This will display the list of questions for that particular quiz. It's possible to edit, quick edit, and delete each item by hovering the mouse over it.

To add one, simply click the button Add Question.

The Question Editor

The interface used to add or edit a question is the same as the one used for posts. As such, you can enrich the body with HTML and elements such as images and video embeds.

It's worth noting:

  • Answers: It's possible to create as many answers as needed. Also, more than one can be selected as correct.
    The example above shows two correct answers out of three: in this case, items 1 and 3 MUST be checked and item 2 MUST be unchecked for the answer to be considered correct.
  • Manage Post Ratings: These fields manage the rating users can give to the question.
  • Question order: Indicates the order in which this question will appear. For instance, a question with a value of 1 will appear before another that has a value of 4.
    If two questions have the same value, their placement will be random.
  • Back to all Questions: Directs you to the question list of the quiz
  • Quiz: This box provides a quick shortcut to manage the quiz that contains this question.

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