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How To Show Content After Pass or Fails

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How It Works

  • By default, when users pass or fail any quiz, they see the pass and fail messages set in the labels settings.
  • You can set different content for quiz pass and fail for every lesson.
  • If the lesson-specific pass message or fail message is empty, the default message will be shown.

It's possible to show different content after a user passed or failed a quiz.

This feature was introduced in version 1.1.2.


Adding Pass/Fail Content

Edit the relevant lesson question and, when assigning the quiz, you will be able to fill the fields:

  • Quiz passed content
  • Quiz not passed content

TIP: Links, Image and More

The fields support HTML, so don't forget to add useful formatting and links!


The minimum score to pass is defined in the add-ons settings and is applied to all quizzes.

Learn more: CM Video Lessons Quiz Add-on - Quizzes Common Settings

Unlocking the Quiz

Since the version 1.3.3 it is possible to specify the minimum percentage of how much videos in the lesson should be watched to unlock the quiz. You can define it in the relevant option in the metabox.

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