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How To Show Content After Pass or Fails

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How It Works

  • By default, when users pass or fail any quiz, they see the pass and fail messages set in the labels settings.
  • You can set different content for quiz pass and fail for every lesson.
  • If the lesson-specific pass message or fail message is empty, the default message will be shown.

It's possible to show different content after a user passed or failed a quiz.

This feature was introduced in version 1.1.2.


Adding Pass/Fail Content

Edit the relevant lesson question and, when assigning the quiz, you will be able to fill the fields:

  • Quiz passed content
  • Quiz not passed content

TIP: Links, Image and More

The fields support HTML, so don't forget to add useful formatting and links!


The minimum score to pass is defined in the add-ons settings and is applied to all quizzes.

Learn more: CM Video Lessons Quiz Add-on - Quizzes Common Settings

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