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Assigning CPD Hours to a Lesson

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What is This Feature?

Starting from version 3.2.0 of Video Lessons Manager, admins can assign an amount of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Hours to each lesson.

This can help professors and students track their progress by assigning highest values to longer or more complex lessons.

This value will be shown on the Front-End, as shown:


Edit the lesson you would like to assign CPD to. On the right metabox Appearance, you will see the field CPD Hours.

You can assign none (the default), 1, 1.5 or 2 hours.

Changing the CPD Hours label

You can customize the label CPD Hours, to translate it or use another concept, like "Credits.

To do this, head to Admin Dashboard → CM Video Lessons Manager Pro  Settings → Labels.

Learn more: CM Video Lessons Manager (CMVLM) - Settings - Labels.

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