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Importing Private Vimeo Videos

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Quick Answer

Even with a free Vimeo account it's possible to import all Vimeo videos (including private videos) to WordPress Video Lessons Manager plugin.

However, the free version has limited embedding options.

Why This Guide?

Vimeo has a series of plans, starting with a free one (called Basic). 

Currently, even with a free Vimeo account it's possible to fully utilize Vimeo imports (including private videos) in Video Lessons Manager. 

Any Restriction Comes From Vimeo

The integration between Video Lessons and Vimeo depend on what Vimeo provides.

If Vimeo places any restriction, we'll update this article accordingly.

What Are Vimeo Plans?

As of this writing, Vimeo offers.

  • Basic (free account)
  • Four paid tiers: Plus, Pro, Business and Premium

Some Features Not Included in Vimeo Free

  • Ad-free videos (Plus)
  • Chapters, video templates, playback speed control (Pro)
  • Player call-to-action, custom logos (Business)
  • Live streaming (Premium)

Learn more from Vimeo's website.

Questions About Using Vimeo Free

Can I Use Video Lessons With a Free Plan?


Can I Still Use Private Videos?

Yes. The free account provides all the relevant options when publishing a video as private.

The screenshot below is from a basic account - the options marked "Upgrade" don't affect the plugin.

Vimeo privacy settings
Vimeo privacy settings

Learn more: How Privacy Settings Affect Imported Videos

Are There Any Limitations in Importing?

Virtually none. Currently, the free Vimeo account is restricted to 25 API calls/minute.

The plugin only makes API calls when importing videos, so this restriction should not be important. You can define how often the plugin makes API calls in the cache settings (read below)

New Vimeo Videos Don't Show Up? Check Cache Settings

If you just posted a video on Vimeo and the plugin doesn't find it, it's likely due to cache settings.

Head to CM Video Lesson Manager Pro → Settings.

In the Cache lifetime for Vimeo API setting, you can set how often the plugin "asks" Vimeo about new videos. The default is 3600 seconds (one hour), meaning the plugin will "ask" Vimeo for updates once an hour. 

Lowering this number will make new videos show up faster in the plugin. However, note that this might be limited by your Vimeo plan, as lower Vimeo tiers don't let the plugin "ask" Vimeo that often.

Setting up the cache lifetime for Vimeo API - WordPress Video Course Plugin
Setting up the cache lifetime for Vimeo API

Are There Any Limitations in Embedding?

Yes. At the moment of writing, Vimeo places these restrictions on free accounts.

Embed Feature Basic Account Premium Accounts
Player size X X
Text and play bar colors X X
Show or hide your portrait, byline, and video title in the player (note: must be done within the embed code or share box) X X
Show or hide the "Share," "Like," and "Watch Later" buttons
Show or hide the Vimeo logo, play bar, volume control, and fullscreen buttons
Embed a background or chromeless video 
Choose what gets displayed after a video finishes playing

Embed example

Below you can see an example of embed options that are exclusive to premium accounts

Embed options
Embed options

Learn more from Vimeo: Embedding videos overview – Help Center

I Have a Free Vimeo Account And Am Receiving Errors


If you still face errors, please contact support.

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