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Templates to Display Video

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To display the playlists, use the    [cmvl-playlist] shortcode. You can also customize the playlist layout with the view and layout attributes.

Place [cmvl-playlist view="playlist" layout="left|right|bottom"] on the page the playlist is to be displayed on. You can choose where to display the videos list from the playlist: on the right or left of the current video or below it.

Below: Playlist on the right.

Below: Playlist on the left.

Below: Playlist on the bottom.

Custom CSS for playlists

Custom CSS styles can be applied to modify the playlist template.

From the WordPress dashboard go to  CM Video Lessons Manager  Settings Appearance.

  • Videos per page - Limit the videos per page number in the tiles view. Max is 50.
  • Custom CSS - Place your custom CSS styles here. Works only if using the playlist view.
  • Default videos layout - Choose layout type. Set as Playlist.
  • Display videos list in playlist at - Choose playlist layout. This setting can be override wth view
  • Playlist max width - Set maximum number of videos on the playlist.

Below: Playlist with custom css styles applied. 

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