CM Registration (CMREG) - Extra - Self-Registration (Restricting Registration in Specific Use Case)

What is This Feature

The Self-Registration allows you to restrict registrations to users with First Name, Last Name and Social Security Code matching your database.

It does so by connecting Registration and Invitation Codes with other platforms via API. It's a specific use case.

The fields cannot be changed.

The feature was added in version 2.9.9.

Use Case

Let's say:

  • You have a database with 100 employees. They are identified by First Name, Last Name and Social Security Code
  • You create a WordPress site with training videos. You want only your employees to access it
  • You enable the Self-Register feature. When registering, users must input First Name, Last Name, the four last digits of the Security Code. Also, any other data you might require
  • You develop an application and generate an API key to call your WordPress site via the plugin


  • Only if ALL of these match with your database, the account is created. 
    • First Name
    • Last Name 
    • Four last digits of the Social Security Number


  • You can block the IP of users who try to register too many times


You can find the settings at WP Dashboard → CM Registration Pro → General → Self Register.

  • Enable Self register - Enables the feature. The link will be shown under the forgot your password link
  • Short period message interval - After trying to register this amount of times, the user will see the short message from the label settings (read more below)
  • Long period message interval - After trying to register this amount of times, the user will see the long message from the label settings (read more below). His IP will be blocked
  • Enable email to admin - Sends message to the admin if there are many failed attempts from a single IP
  • API URL - URL of the API to connect the app to the plugin

Email Notification

Sent to the admin when Long period message interval is triggered. Enable email to admin has to be enabled.


This setting has specific labels:

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