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Login Settings

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What Are These Settings

The Login Settings control various aspects of the login process: what appears in the login form, where the user redirects to after they've logged in, whether or not they can log in using Facebook and other means. It also offers ways to positively or negatively restrict Login permissions for users based on set criteria.

Accessing The Settings

From the WordPress dashboard navigate to  CM Registration Pro  Settings Login.

Access Restriction Content

Starting from version 2.6.8, it's possible to fully or partially restrict access to the website.

  • Global Site Access - Choose between
    • Site accessible to everyone
    • Site accessible to logged-in users
  • Custom Redirect URL - If you restrict access to guest (logged out) users, they will be redirected to this address. 
  • Exclude the following URLs - Add exceptions if needed. Separate them by lines.


  • Redirect after login to URL address - Specifies where the site user will be redirected to after successfully logging in.
  • Enable the "Remember me" option - Allows the Plugin to identify the site user in the future so that they don't have to go through login again.
  • Enable the lost password form - Adds the option for site visitors to attempt to recover their password if they've forgotten it.
  • Login using field - Choose whether the user should use their email address, password or both to log in.
  • Disable wp-login.php and redirect to this URL - Replaces the standard WordPress login page with the chosen page. Leaving this field blank leaves the WordPress Login option available.
  • Disable wp-login.php and lost password page redirect to this URL - Replaces the lost password page to a new URL. This page should have the reset password shortcode [cmreg-reset-password] in order to be effective (Feature added in version 2.6.3)
  • Prevent from calling login_footer action in the front-end - Enabling this option can help with some issues with the login form on the front-end. For example. it solves the problem if your login form doesn't work when you're using the NextGEN Gallery plugin.
  • Enable reCAPTCHA on the login form - Toggles the reCAPTCHA tool on or off.

IP Restrictions

You can allow or deny login requests from specific IP addresses. In both cases, the IPs must be separated by lines.

Redirection per role

You can set a custom after-login redirection URL address based on the user role.

Other Settings That Affect Login

Note that other settings may affect the login experience.
One example is the automatic login setting found in the registration tab ( read the guide).
  • Login user after successful email verification: If enabled, the user will logged-in automatically after verifying the email address.

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