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Invitation Codes Settings

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From the WordPress dashboard navigate to  CM Registration Pro → Settings → Invitations

Invitations Settings

  • Registration page URL - Specify what page should be shown when the user clicks on the invitation link. Usually, this should be a page with the registration shortcode.
  • Limit allowed invitations per user - Set the default invitations limit per user. You can change this value each time you create a new invitation code. This won't apply to the users with the manage_options capability.
  • Auto pop-up window - If enabled, a pop-up will open automatically if the URL has a query string "invite" or "cmreg_code" (that means when these terms appear after a ? sign).

    This is useful when you create links that automatically add the codes, as seen here: Invitation Codes - Uses and How to Create Them

Email Template

You can configure the email sent during the invitation process.

On both fields, you can use the placeholders [blogname], [siteurl], [userdisplayname], [userlogin], [useremail], [userrole], [userfirstname], [userlastname].

  • Friends invitation email subject 
  • Friends invitation email template


Show invitation code column for users - Adds the "Invitation Code" field to each user page in the wp-admin dashboard.

Edit Profile

Show invitation code in Edit Profile shortcode - Learn more about the shortcode: Shortcodes - Editing User Profile

More information about the CM Registration and Invitation Codes Bar WordPress  Plugin

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