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Labels Settings

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To customize labels settings navigate to Admin Dashboard → CM Registration Pro → Settings → Labels tab.

Navigation to the Labels settings - WordPress Plugin User Registration
Navigation to the Labels settings

In the Labels settings, user can edit labels associated with the WordPress Registration Form Plugin such as:


Common labels - User Registration WordPress
Common labels


Login labels - WordPress Login Plugin
Login labels


Registration labels - WordPress Registration Form Plugin
Registration labels

Lost password

Lost password labels - WordPress Custom Login Form
Lost password labels

Self Register

Refers to a specific use case. Learn more: Extra - Self-Registration (Restricting Registration in Specific Use Case)

Self register labels - WordPress Plugin User Registration
Self register labels

User Profile

User profile labels - WordPress Custom Login
User profile labels

Social login

Social login labels - WordPress Social Sign In Plugin
Social login labels

Invite friend

Invite friend labels - User Registration WordPress
Invite friend labels

Reset Password

Reset password labels - WordPress Login Plugin
Reset password labels

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