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Store Locator on the Frontend

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The store locator can be easily found in the header of the page or its footer (the visibility of which depends on the General Settings). The Find a Store link accesses the store locator maps and store's detailed information. 

The Store Locator extension for Magento 2 lists all the active stores on the left side of the locator. For customer's convenience, the map is located next to the list.

Search Tool

Let customers use the search field and explore necessary locations, including countries and cities. The extension algorithm will show the exact results according to the entered values. As the admin has already set the radios 100 miles (See the General Settings), the extension will show the stores which are 100 miles around the entered geolocation.

Clear Search Results

To remove all the search results and go back to the initial list with locations, use the Delete button in the Search field. 

Locations List

Each active store location has its address, image, open hours and contact phone number. The admin can easily change all the details in the Backend as well.

To see detailed information, the customers should click on the  DETAILS button. Here the admin can add more information about a store or store location, open hours, additional phone numbers, email address, and website. For detailed info about opening hours, click on the dots.

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