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Add A New Location

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By adding a new store, you will need to specify all the GPS coordinates, add contacts, content, images, so that your customers can easily find the store. 

  • Is Active - select the status of your location. Only locations with active status will be visible on the Frontend. 
  • Name - add a title to a new location. The title will be visible to your customers.
  • Store Views - choose store views the location will be available for. 
  • Store Order - if you have multiple locations, specify the priority in the list. 


The admin can enter their contact information to be displayed on the Frontend. Basic information includes phone number, website and email address.

  • Phone - add a phone number. Please note that this field is marked as required. 
  • Additional phone - add additional phone number of the store if necessary. 
  • Website - add website if necessary. 
  • Email - enter email address if necessary. 


  • Country - select a country from the list. 
  • State - enter a state. 
  • City - add a city. 
  • Street - enter a street address.
  • Post code - add a post code. 
  • Latitude - add a latitude.
  • Longitude - add a longitude. 
  • Find address on map - click on the button once all the values are specified. You will find the specified address directly on the map below the settings. 

Content Editing

Use the built-in editor to add any type of content. You can enrich your store location with a detailed description, images, widgets, and links.

Open/Closed settings

The admin can change the default values of working hours in the general settings only. They are only applied when the admin clicks the Use Config button.


Upload an image to each location to be displayed on the Frontend.

The uploaded first image is displayed on the store locator page, the remaining images are displayed as a slider when the customer clicks on the location detail.

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