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The main configuration can be reached by clicking Stores → Settings → Configuration, and from the left menu: CMINDS → Store Locator.


  • Enabled - allows enabling or disabling the extension functionality. Click Yes to activate the extension. 
  • URL path - define a URL path for a store locator on the Frontend. “storelocator” is set by default. Thus your store locator URL will look like If you want to edit the path, click on the checkbox Use system value and make the changes.
  • Title - add a title for the page with store locations. It will be a separate link in the menu that accesses the page. Find a Store is set by default.

  • Default Store Image - upload a custom icon for your store location. If you don't add an image while creating a store location, this custom icon will be displayed. But if the custom icon is not attached, the extension will provide a default store image as well.
  • Display in top links - select either the link should be displayed in top links or not. 
  • Display in footer links - select either the link should be displayed in footer links or not.


  • Pin image - select the icon representing the location of the store on the map. It’s recommended to use the square icon with the size as 20x20 px before uploading. If you don't need to add a custom icon, the extension provides a default pin image for each added location. 
  • API key - to set GPS coordinates of the locations, you need to activate and enter Google Map API Key into this field. You can get Google Map API here - Get an API Key
  • Default latitude - define the latitude that will show a default place on the map. If still there is no store location, a place with the defaut latitude will be displayed.
  • Default longitude - define the longitude that will show a default place on the map. If still there is no store location, a place with the defaut longitude will be displayed.
  • Enable Get Direction - toggles whether or not customers can search a path to a store. 
  • Enable filters - activate a search field for customers on the Frontend. Let customers search for necessary locations. 
  • Default zoom - show all available stores on the map with a certain zoom. 12 value is set by default. 
  • Default filter radius - set default search radius around the entered location. Once the admin adds the value 100, the extension searches the stores in 100 miles around the entered location.
  • Distance Unit - miles/km. The admin can choose the unit distance as Mile or Kilometer depending on the location.

Store Time Default

The admin can define the timezone and opening hours for each day of the week for all stores in bulk. Please note that these values are set by default. 

If the admin wants to apply the individual settings per each day of the week, the extension allows resetting the general settings while creating a new store location. They are only applied when the admin clicks the Use Config button when adding a location.

You can also specify a time zone in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by default.

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