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To access and manage store locations, navigate to Stores → Store Locator → Stores. There is a grid with all the existing store locations. Here you can export or import stores, add or edit the existing locations. 


By using the action controller, you will be able to apply multiple actions such as removing locations or changing their status.

To apply any action:

  • Choose certain locations by clicking on the select-box next to location.
  • In the Actions select a necessary action.
  • Click Apply.

Once selecting Enable Status, the chosen locations will be activated and shown on the Frontend.

Export Locations

In case if you need to save all your locations locally or use for making changes, the Store Locator extension for Magento 2 allows the admin to export the locations via a CSV file. 

  • Click on the Export Stores button above the grid.
  • Save the generated CSV file.

Import Locations

To import the locations and save the file structure, please remember to export the locations firstly. Thus the file structure will be saved and your locations will be imported safely. By using this feature you can also create new locations within a single file. In this case leave the field ID empty.

After making all the changes inside the CSV file you can import the ready file to your Magento 2 store. 

  • Click on the Import Stores button.
  • In the appeared page click on the button and select a necessary file.

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